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List of Trainings to Become Web Developer

List of Trainings to Become Web Developer

Introduction to Web Development 

Web Development is the most demanding career option in developing countries like Nepal. Businesses are moving Online, eCommerce is expanding, online transactions are trending, and internet usage is rising. These are the fundamentals that make web development a good career option for IT students. Let’s have a look at various web development training that leads trainees to become web developers.

There are numerous ways to build websites for businesses such as WordPress, Joomla, Wix, etc. But customization and personalization in the design and features are a must for every website. To make these things possible, custom programming for design and development is required.

Various Programming can be used to design and develop websites. Choosing the best programming to develop websites is still a challenge for many web design enthusiasts out there. Here, we are going to discuss 5 web development training courses that will help you to become a web developer. 

Web Designing Training is one of the best training courses available in TechAxis that teach you to design responsive web pages. The training course consists of understanding the fundamentals of a web page along with editing, customizing, and designing a web page from scratch. 

During the training, you will learn the use of HTML in a web page, its syntax, attribute, and tags that are useful to make responsive web layouts. Also, how important is HTML when it comes to designing and developing web pages will be taught effectively. 

Another vital part of web development is CSS. CSS gives style to HTML elements. Using CSS, we can customize the whole web page and a very small portion of web pages. The incorporation of CSS in web pages allows developers to design web pages that display the content more efficiently across all device browsers. A simple color combination might attract more customers. So, it's important to use CSS on the web page. And you will be taught to use the best practice that maximum web developers are doing in Nepal. 

JavaScript, a scripting language that is stronger than CSS when it comes to web page design. This allows developers to add different behaviors. You will learn Javascript, Jquery, and their function along with the library and framework. With good javascript training, you can design more interactive web pages that attract audiences and visitors. 

Bootstrap is another responsive web page design tool. You will be taught to use bootstrap on web pages. Editing bootstrap templates will also be taught. 


At the end of the training, you will learn to document, store, and publish all the tasks you’ve done in the form of a web page. This allows you to showcase your talent and what you have learned during the training. 

PHP is used to develop dynamic web applications. PHP allowed developers to make websites whose content can be changed without editing the code, simply dynamic websites. PHP is a strong web development programming language that is being used widely in the Nepali IT industry. 

During the training, you will learn HTML, CSS, AJAX, and PHP programming. Also, you will dig into the details of PHP programming from A-Z.

Talking About PHP, you will learn simple code and syntax in the beginning. With the advancement, you will learn about loops, data-types, array, function, switch, mail, case, etc. 

Connecting databases is one of the important parts of PHP programming. And important to make a dynamic website. PHP Training not only teaches you about programming but also how to use them to make websites. You will learn about the domain, hosting, DNS, and domain-hosting connection. 

At the end of the training, you need to submit a report or a project that resembles what you’ve learned during the training.

React is a javascript library used to design beautiful, responsive, fast, and amazing user interfaces in web pages. React JS was launched by Facebook to make a more engaging news feed page. 

In React-JS Training, you will learn to use DOM (Document Object Model) to enhance the performance of the web page. The trainee will learn about components, state & props, event handling, routing, flux, and style in React-JS.

React is dominating the front-end development task all over the world. Because of its features, and efficiency. If you want to become a front-end developer skilled in React, training is vital for you to open different opportunities.

We recommend you complete a project using all your creativity, and skills. This will be helpful when you are giving an interview for your next job. 

WordPress is a famous tool to design modern web pages easily and effectively. WordPress became famous because of its high possibility, ease, and widely used CMS. There’s nothing that a WordPress website can’t do.

WordPress Training will let you know about all the features of this tool along with customization in different parts of the website. 

You will learn to use different templates, theme customization, plugin usage, code editor purchasing the template, and many more. Validating the website, different parts of WordPress like page, post, will also be taught.

But, the most important part of WordPress training is to develop a template. The template you design can be used for more than one website. Also, you can sell them on 

An opportunity for WordPress developers is that people using free themes might ask for help on different freelancing websites, and you can sell them your service.

You will also learn to sell your skills throughout the internet.

To Sum it UP

Web Development is a broad career and broad topic. Many people are designing and developing websites in a disorganized way. Learn one of the listed courses to become a web developer. Based on your skills, ability, and previous experience you can choose to do one of these training. Web Developer, as a profession, has great career opportunities as a freelancer, startup, and full-time employee in an IT company. Every training has its advantages, audience, and disadvantages. So, you need to choose your training course wisely.

If you are still stuck on which training to do, Visit TechAxis for more counseling and information about career opportunities in Web Development.


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