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Are you interested in gaining programming skills to develop the web site or web application? Without our, Web Designing and Development Training in Kathmandu and courses on HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, it’s never been easier! And since our web designing and development course and alternative programming classes are out there on-demand, you’ll be able to expand your skills on your schedule. Explore these classes for making web applications and Windows Store apps, with a glance at style and development skills, together with certification communicating preparation.

Web Designing Training in Nepal is designed in such a way that the beginner level programmers can easily understand the terms in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, etc. The tutor will give some theoretical knowledge followed by practical use. The trainer will give some idea and trick to develop the engaging webpages in the context of Nepal. This course will help you design the web application in a significant way.


    Web designing and development go hand in hand, as they both contribute to creating a successful website/application.

    • Web designing creates the look and feel of a website, while web development ensures that the website is functional and performs well. The combination of both creates a visually appealing and user-friendly website.
    • A well-designed and developed website can help build brand identity and recognition, while web development ensures that the website is functional and meets business goals.
    • With the increasing use of mobile devices, it's important for a website to be optimized for mobile viewing as well.
    • Web designing and development are crucial components of creating a successful website that meets business goals, provides a positive user experience, and contributes to building brand identity and recognition.

Course overview

Becoming a full stack web developer requires you to cover a lot of skills. For beginners, it’s often not easy to find the right learning path and to gain a quick result. At first sight, it might be overwhelming to understand what you need to learn and how everything fits together at the end.

This post will give you an overview of technologies you may consider to learn for being a full-stack developer in 2022 and beyond. We’ll start to take a look at the foundation and programming languages and then move forward to more advanced topics like frameworks and additional tools.

This list will provide guidance to find your path through the web development jungle in 2022. Together with a short description of the relevant topics, this post contains a link to great learning resources so that you can start quickly to expand your skillset.

The best way to begin with your web development career is to get very good at HTML & CSS which is the basis for everything else. The skills that you need to learn to become a full-stack web developer using PHP are below.

  •    Frontend Frameworks (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap)
  •   Backend Frameworks (php, CodeIgniter or Laravel)
  •   Tools(Git, Webpack)

Web development skills are in very high demand right now and — if you have not started yet — it’s the perfect time to start learning web development right now. Even if you’re already an experienced web developer you should invest some time to keep up with the latest technologies and frameworks.

Teaching Methodology

  • Focus on web development and its fundaments like HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • A handful of assignments, tutorials and lab tests of each chapter.
  • Periodic feedback from Trainer and Trainee and the required changes as per necessity.
  • Each trainee needs to develop a demo application on their own, taking assistance form the trainer when ever required.


  • Good command in english language Basic knowledge of Computer, Softwares, Programming would be a plus
  • Basic knowledge of Computer, Softwares, Programming would be a plus.
  • Understanding of Softwares and Software installation.

Course content

courses | 2 Months


  •  Syllabus Review
  •  Review of Course Projects
  •  The Web Development Process

Web File Management

  •  Files and Folders
  •  Downloading Web Pages
  •  Editing Code
  •  Zipping Folders
  •  The Web Development Process
  •  Zipping folders and Submitting Work


  • Choose a Website Topic
  • Overview of HTML Tags
  • The HTML 5 Template
  • The Head
  • Formatting Content
  • Tidbit: The Coding Cycle
  • Compound Tags
  • Character Entities
  • Commenting and Formatting Code
  • Other HTML Tags
  • Universal Usability
  • Additional Resources

HTML Attributes and Images

  • Acquiring Images
  • Copyright, Copy wrong, Creative Commons
  • Graphics File Formats
  • Editing Images
  • The img Tag
  • Absolute Links
  • Embedding Media
  • Relative Links
  • Validating Code
  • HTML5
  • Additional Resources

CSS – Styling Tags

  • CSS Basics, Colors and Inline Styles
  • Internal Style Sheets and Basic Formatting
  • CSS3
  • External Stylesheets
  • Common Properties
  • Creating Effective Color Palettes
  • Additional Resources

CSS – Page Layout
  • Classes IDs Divs Spans
  • The Box
  • Boxes in Boxes
  • Whitespace and Paragraph Formatting
  • Styling Page Divisions
  • Additional Resources
Nav Bars

  • Google Chrome Developer Tools
  • Adding a Navigation Bar
  • Customizing a Navigation Bar
  • Additional Resources

Publishing Websites

  • FTP and Web Servers
  • Website Critique
  • Additional Resources

Designing with Sections

  • Favicons
  • Sections and Background Colors
  • Background Images
  • Adding a Navigation Bar
  • Typography
  • Additional Resources


  • Adding a jQuery Animated Scrolling Effect
  • Coding
  • Additional Resources

Responsive Design

  • Lesson Overview
  • Page Layout, Mental Models & Chunking
  • Media Queries
  • Multiple Media Queries
  • Targeting Devices
  • Images and Video
  • Columns and Tweaks
  • The Viewport
  • On Your Own
  • Mobile First Design
  • Additional Resources

Front End Frameworks

  • Explore Bootstrap Elements
  • Downloading Bootstrap
  • Downloading a Bootstrap Example
  • Bootstrap Themes and the Parallax Effect
  • Reviewing the Example Code
  • Replacing Page Content
  • Customizing the Design
  • Designers Lounge: Framework or CMS
  • Additional Resources

Content Management Systems
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Setting up WordPress
  • Creating Posts
  • CMS Security
  • Creating Pages
  • Working with Media
  • Themes and Widgets
  • Designers Lounge: Ecommerce
  • Additional Resources
  • Introduction and Quick Demo with the advance frameworks like CodeIgniter/Laravel

Learn more about Brief history On Web Designing , Web Designing Introduction , Roles And Type of a Web Designer , Scope of Web Design Career in Nepal and Future of Web Design .

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