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Growing IT Trend and Opportunities In Nepal

Growing IT Trend and Opportunities In Nepal

The world becomes more digitalized, and slowly inevitably, Nepal is following the trends to glory too. Its ideal to say that our generation has witnessed a phenomenal development of large technology and inventions over time. Similarly, it is safe to assume that these IT trends will change the course of traditional Nepalese lifestyle for good.

You might be an absolute geek up to date with all the technology, fan of the new gadgets or simply an average user but like us, you can't help but gaze at the vast tech possibilities of technological advancements lying in front of us. Keeping up with these trends; guides you to prepare yourself for the opportunity to take a leap into technology. 

Growing IT Trends

  1. E-commerce

E-commerce has changed the way of doing business in Nepal if we take the last 5 years under consideration. The concept of 'You don't exist if you are not online' is slowly getting into the business mind of people. The drastic wave of extending online started from "Send gifts to Nepal," and now there are over 65 significant companies centered in E-commerce. 

The top-most e-commerce ventures as of 2019 are here to study and learn from: -

* Daraz

* Hamrobazar

* Food Mario

* Basobass 

* Sastodeal 

And many more...

To get the complete package constituting E-Commerce (Web, content, and Digital marketing) you can connect with our comprehensive course in TechAxis.

  1. Online Service Sharing

Online sharing concepts is the best way to manage the resources available in an optimal way. The latest trends are ride-sharing apps, roommate finder, cab-sharing, and multiple other startups for ease and effective reach of service to the public. The best examples of successful organizations are Pathao and Tootle. 

  1. Robotics

Every year we can hear in the news about young individuals inventing some cool robots and gadgets. It certainly might not be of a global level but is a growing trend with multiple courses being introduced for the same reason. The main challenge is the shipping of high-tech materials from the robotic giants in China and Japan. However, you can devote to research enhancing the level of Robotics in Nepal.

  1. Digital Wallet and Crypto currency

This one here is a global trend, and with the concepts of Block chain knocking the door, Digital wallet is a trend to follow and contribute in it. A stable crypto currency might aid in many sectors of this country. Limitations in the accessibility of many upgrades is due to lack of the card system of payment here. E-sewa and IME pay are leading digital wallet providers with Khalti coming with substantial innovations behind. Companies like E-Satya are actively doing researches and training starters for Block chain-related technologies

  1. Internet Broadband and Networking

The increase in the use of Internet Users in Nepal it goes without saying that broadband services have increased dramatically in the last few years. There are major 15 ISPs in Nepal, and the introduction of much anticipated Digital fibers has increased the sheer number of Network specialists and technicians too. The giants in the Broadband industry are:-

*Worldlink Communication Pvt. Ltd 

* Subisu CableNet Pvt. Ltd

* Vianet Communication

* Mercantile Communication

* Websurfer Nepal Pvt. Ltd

* Classic Tech Pvt. Ltd and more

* For a complete Networking and CCNA course by some of the best in the business apply now.

  1. Artificial Intelligence

AI is a worldwide trend, and amazing advancements are introduced each day. Artificial Intelligence is a vast field to step into, and with much to contribute, the community keeps growing in Nepal as well. Machine Learning (ML), deep learning (DL), NLP, Visual perception are some of the major fields where people are looking to contribute. AID, Fuse Machine, Paila, and other companies have been contributing to this field recently.

  1. Gaming and Simulation

One field that won’t leave the trends for a long time is Gaming, and the advancements in the simulated environment and controls make it all better. Several individuals are contributing to this field, but we are yet to see some quality products based in this particular field. However, companies are working in graphics as well as development sectors outsourced by some powerhouses in Asia. Similarly, the 3D and animation companies are providing more job vacancies in Nepal related to Gaming and Simulation.

  1. Data Science

The importance of Data accessibility and proper analysis of present data has given a lot of areas to follow in Data science. Data analysis and visualization is one of the growing trends in Nepal with many aspiring youths aiming to be a Data Scientist. This point is also proven by the growth of trainees our R-course for data analysis as major companies are seeking for fully-fledged Data analysts with excellent remuneration.


-As the number of companies shifting strategically and intelligently towards digitalization, it is leading to a vast creation of new jobs in IT. Not everyone can grab into their ideal positions in IT but with the ability to evolve and transform you never know where the new IT jobs will appear in Nepal. So, preparing oneself with essential skills is a must with proper IT training in Nepal. Here are some of the general Opportunities in IT if you are skilled and ready to enter the real world of technology.



* First-Mover Advantages 

With so many fields to choose and availability to learn from the existing companies in the more developed nations, you can be a pioneer in using a particular technology in Nepal. Seek for the best it training institutes in Nepal and start your work before anyone else does and that is certain. With proper models to follow and principles to back it up, your growth is inevitable.

*Be an Entrepreneur

The best opportunities come from some of the unexpected turns in your life. Being in a developing nation, we face many problems, and it might be both technical and non-technical. Think outside the box and be an Entrepreneur aiming to change the way of doing things. We support innovative ideas and provide you guidance for the best results in Tech Axis.

*Being an ideal Fit in a large organization (Honing the skills to be the best)

Corporate business has to adapt to the environment, and now is the shifting phase for many large organizations. Due to the lack of skilled human resources, these organizations are bringing in individuals from different other nations. Dedicate your time and hone the required skills to fit in the space ideally. This phase is perfect for getting in large organizations with the best talents.

*Training and guidance 

You can contribute to producing the skilled workforce for the IT industry. Study shows that only 65% of the requirements are fulfilled in the industry, and interns are handling the rest 35%. After mastering the skills yourself, you can form a community for guiding more individuals towards professionalism. 

*Assurer of Best Quality (Quality Control)

IT jobs in product delivering companies have dedicated departments for the test and control of quality. It doesn’t matter if you can’t be an absolute beast of coding, if you are into technology and using products with fundamental knowledge, you can get into it. Quality Assurance engineers are also one of the most decorated members of any IT company.

*Research and development 

Being in the research field requires dedication and complete fundamental knowledge of any field. You can get into these areas for contributing globally with both fame and remuneration. It’s likely you will be approached by some big names, and you can learn a lot to make a change in Nepal as well. There are many opportunities for research and development centers to showcase your skills and commitment. 

*Security and error resolving

Going digital may also result in vulnerability creating loopholes to hackers. Cyber and digital security are fields which will remain intact with many possibilities as long as the technology era exists. We provide training and implementation guidance to lock your IT security jobs in Nepal. 

*Online Marketing

The face of Marketing has completely changed with the introduction of digital formats throughout the world. From the era of flyers and pamphlets, we have moved into the age of email and social media. Online Marketing is one of the most sought jobs in Nepal, and you have to have a comprehensive knowledge of many skills to be a marketing officer today. The opportunity is there for you to take with our advanced digital marketing training courses.  

IT is ever-changing and adapting to reach newer heights. These opportunities are not provided to you on a silver platter and come with some equally competitive challenges. Some of the prevalent ones to look after are: 


- Unfavorable policies rules and regulations

- Limited remuneration for the starters

- Attaining motivation from failed attempts

- Social judgment and lack of understanding

- Lack of proper reach and Networking

- Changing and adapting with new upgrades 

- Unqualified or unskilled workers under you

And many more...


To gain the level of perfection, you must start with strong basics. We at TechAxis facilitate you with some of the very best in your field and prepare you for fitting right in any IT profession. So, be a step closer to technology and grab the ideal opportunity alongside it with the assistance of TechAxis.

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