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IT Training Course After SEE

IT Training Course After SEE

If you've just been through the SEE examination, we'd say this is the perfect period of your life to join the field of Information technology (IT). Perfect because if you start now and continue along the path, by the time you pass your Bachelors, you will be qualified and skilled in the IT sector and easily get employed or start your freelancing career. Also, the world of technology has matured enough for people to become comfortable with it, but it is still an infant to reach its full potential. There is still a significant demand for IT workers, and as the country Nepal progresses slowly and steadily, there will be demand for more IT workforce.

 This decade, we've been bombarded with technological advancement. We've been through a rapid change of technologies within a blink of an eye, and still, there is no sign of it stopping. In the same way, the applications and software get outdated in a heartbeat. We are required to learn these new technologies and forget old ones within days. This situation is very stressful for those who are unknown about the basics of the technology.

On the other side, because of the advancement, the applications are getting more comfortable to work with: Even for those who are not directly involved in this field. This has been all possible due to the involvement of dedicated IT personnel. So, it is a great time to ride the wagon of Information Technology (IT).

If you've just been through the SEE examination, we'd say this is the perfect period of your life to join this field because if you start now and continue along the path, by the time you pass your Bachelors, you will be qualified and skilled in the IT sector and easily get employed or start your freelancing career. Also, the world of technology has matured enough for people to become comfortable with it, but it is still an infant to reach its full potential. There is still a significant demand for IT workers, and as the country Nepal progresses slowly and steadily, there will be demand for more IT workforce.

In this blog, we will take a simplified look into Information and Technology (IT) training courses after the SEE examination. Because most of us have many questions regarding the IT training after SEE, we'll be discussing the topic in QA (Question and Answer) format:

- How to get started if I am a beginner?

- Why take IT training?

- Am I eligible for the training?

- What jobs are available in the IT field?

- Which course to take?

- What is the future scope of IT?

And hey, if you have more questions to ask, we are a team of open-minded people ready to help with your queries.

How to get started if I am a beginner?

If you are new to this field, we recommend you to take an introductory course of Office Application Training, Graphic Designing, PDF editing, and Web Browsing, Windows Introduction, etc. These are very basic training courses.

Because you've just completed SEE, we assume that you are quite new to the programming and software development world. Therefore, we do not want you to take the advanced courses and overwhelmed by it because there are many IT-specific jargons that you have to take various courses to know their proper meaning, either online or offline, to get good at them.

If you are interested in application development, game development, Artificial Intelligence or Big Data, and want to build a career in this field, then we recommend you to start from the basics of programming language.

In regards to programming language, C/C++ is regarded as the foundation of all modern programming languages. It's because most new programming languages have inherited syntax and ideas from this language. C is a very popular programming language and you can find many C/C++ training classes in Nepal.

At the end of the blog, if you are still confused or not able to decide whether to take training classes or confused about ways to get started. You can enquire about your trouble; we are available in normal working hours.


Why Take IT training?

This is a very important question, and you should be asking this question whenever you are taking any type of course. In the case of IT, this is a very easy question to answer because we know, as an IT-cian, you are not limited to working only one type of monotonous job. You can easily expand your reach in other technologies. You can reach the global market and provide your services. This also means that you should make sure that you maintain excellent quality.

In the same way, we've already been experiencing the impact of technology in our society. These days, many things are transparent, and information is available to each and every individual with a press of a button. This also means we should prepare ourselves for the future.

Taking IT training will not go to waste, and taking IT training will also help you in deciding whether you will be able to work long hours sitting in a chair and using just your brainpower while debugging unseen bugs. This is worthwhile, but some people are very restless, and this might not be the right career path for them. So, after SEE is the best way to decide whether you can succeed in this field.

Also, taking IT training gains you a certificate of achievement and course completion, which is proof of dedication and competence in this field. These certificates aid you in getting better jobs. Not only that, but you get to learn valuable lessons, which will be useful for your all life.


Am I eligible for the training?

The deciding factor of your career in the IT sector is your passion and your dedication. Achieving success in the IT field doesn't require you to have excellent educational achievement. What you need to achieve success in this field is pure passion, persistence, determination, perseverance, and diligence. Your willingness to become an expert in one selected field decides your success in the IT field. There is a number of personnel who dedicated a decade of their in this field, and now they are reaping the fruit of their hard work. Therefore, you should definitely start from the beginning in order to succeed in this field.

That's why the IT field is welcoming for newcomers. And only those who are genuinely interested are able to stay for a long time, succeed, and enjoy their time. Otherwise, it will be a source of stress and depression. You will be looking for a career change, and your valuable time will be wasted. Make your decision wisely.


What jobs are available in the IT field after taking basic courses?

  • Graphic/UI Designer
  • Intern/Junior Web Designer
  • SEO / Digital Marketer
  • Technical Writer

These are the most popular jobs in the IT sector of the Nepali market. In the global market, too, the roles of IT employees are divided in the same manner. Each of these roles is in high demand. Large firms require most of these roles to function correctly. If you want to gain many skills, you should apply for jobs in smaller firms because these firms necessitate you to acquire a diverse set of skills and you can learn the entire lifecycle of the development process, whether it is a web application, product marketing concept, software development lifecycle, etc. Either way, there are other employment opportunities available in the IT field where you do not need to have an artistic approach. In these fields, you should know about human behavior and psychology.


Which course to take?

There are many IT courses that you can take part in. If you are just a beginner, it is recommended to take through look into the courses available to you. To enhance your career progressively, we recommend you to first take a look into many possibilities and take the course you are most interested in and the direction you want to build your career in.


Here are a few possibilities according to career options:

Graphic Designer

After SEE, taking graphic designing training can be an exceptional choice. This field is for those people who have a very vivid imagination capability. You should have an artistic approach to your methodology. This also means you should produce unique and meaningful designs that impact the psyche of people observing your material. As fashion designers bring new fashion trends, graphic designers are the one that sets the trend of the digital world. In this field, there are many innovative design concepts up and coming. Google Material Design is a very popular trend that is still used by Google in its application.

Recently because of the popularity of this design concept, designers around the world are following the trend. So, if you want to take this career path, you should be familiar with the tools used for designing. The best way to learn them is to gain hands-on practical training of these tools. Some popular courses include Adobe Photoshop training, web design training, etc.


C Programming Language Training

After SEE, if you want to join an IT field, then you must learn the C programming language. This programming language is in the curriculum of many university courses. And many modern languages are based on this language and/or somewhat inspired by it.

C programming language training builds a strong base to pursue a career in IT. With the help of the C programming language, you are guaranteed to learn the basics of programming languages. If you are into programming - we recommend taking C programming training.


 Digital Marketer

Digital marketing is a rising work segment. This is a job that came with IT revolution. It is in high demand because the advertisement and users have and are transitioning online. And digital marketing plays a vital role in acquiring new sets of online consumers. So this skill will prove very useful in coming years.

This career is suitable for people who have excellent persuasion skills and have an analytical mind. Because digital marketer is responsible for analyzing various data from their online marketing and target and persuade potential customers digitally.

If you are interested in this field, there are many courses available to you. Such as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) training, SEM (Search Engine Marketing) training, etc. These courses are very beginner friendly. Definitely recommend you this course, if you are interested in digital marketing.

Web Developer Career

This is a bit more advanced course. If you want to make websites and web apps for clients. Then you have options to become either backend or frontend, web developer. Both roles require a specific set of skills.

One of the most recommended strategy to get started in this field is to learn the basics of HTML and CSS. HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is a universal document format that all browsers understand and renders the digital document (website) properly. On the other hand CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) helps us to give beautiful designs to these Markups. You can take basic HTML/CSS training course to make your first static website.

Once you master HTML and CSS, JavaScript is the way to go. JavaScript is a scripting language. IT provides functionality to HTML and CSS that you wrote. For example: if you want your button written in HTML to do something when you click it, you can do that using JavaScript.


What is the future scope of IT?

IT is an evolving field. You should be a progressive person in order to keep up with technology and become an expert in this field. Though as you learn more and more about the concepts in this field, you find that many of the core concepts are same and most of the new concepts are related to the standardization and improvement of architectural foundations such that the existing core methodologies and concepts are more in tune with themselves and other factors too.

IT has been and is gaining popularity in Nepal, despite the demand, - skilled and dedicated manpower is very limited. Nonetheless, you can already enjoy the services which became possible due to the technical competence of Nepali people. Some of these, you can find yourself often using, such as E-Sewa, Khalti, Tootle, Foodmandu, Pathao, et cetera. Still, there are many possibilities of Information and Technology in Nepal which has been implemented in the developed nations and yet to be brought to the Nepalese market. We can extend our own service worldwide if such an application or products are developed because Information and Technology don't have a border and anyone can enjoy your product from their comfort. This leads us to an definitive conclusion, the future of IT is limitless.

Please visit us for more details about the IT courses we offer for SEE students.

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