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C Programming training in Nepal is meant to supply a solid foundation in programming for somebody who desires to enter into the planet of programming. C Programming coaching is the right method for anyone who doesn’t know something regarding programming and desires to create a career in the programming field. Even though a student desires to check Java, C#, Python, JavaScript(ReactJs, AngularJs, VueJs etc.), ASP.NET or PHP Programming, learning C would build their programming base which eventually profit from them shortly.

Thus, once you’re familiar with C programing language then you’ll be able to simply master or study alternative programing language yourself. C programming starts with the fundamental syntax and programming structures and progresses to advanced ideas reminiscent of memory management, pointers etc. This coaching is useful for college students as well to beginners in computing world. There is also scope of C Programming commercially as well for an example, World Health Organization would like do embedded programming in micro-controller devices related to heath sector.

TechAxis Nepal (Best C Programming Institute in Nepal) is a top IT Training Institute for C Programming Training in Nepal. We have a tendency to teach C programming course with a method that student build the robust foundation in programming. We’ve produced successful trained students in C Programming who do exceptionally smart as a student and professionally. Visit our IT Training Center to understand, learn and enroll for new batches of C Programming.


    C programming is a powerful programming language that is widely used in Nepal and around the world for various applications development.

    • C Programming is a versatile language that can be used to develop a wide range of applications, from small utility programs to complex software systems. 
    • C Programming is a comparatively low-level programming language, which means that it allows developers to have greater control over the hardware resources of a computer.
    • C Programing is important for developing applications that require high performance, such as games or scientific simulations.
    • C Programming is foundation of all the other latest and advance programming language and frameworks.
    • C programming is widely used in the development of embedded systems, robotics, aerospace etc.

Course overview

C is a procedural programming language, developed by Dennis Ritchie between the year 1969 and 1973. It was mainly developed as a system programming language to write the operating system. Low-level access to memory, simple set of keyword, and clean style are the main feature of C programming language. C programming language can be used to make operating system and compiler.

Learning C programming is the first step to make a career as professional computer programmer. The syntax and algorithm of C is helpful while learning other programming language like: Java, Python, JavaScript, PHP etc. Once you get to know about the implementation of the algorithm and how should it be done in programming you will learn other languages faster. 

What are the Advantages of Learning  C Programmin ?

C was the very primitive programming but still useful for many type of application development. Some of the main advantage of C programming are:

  • It was the language of choice in operating system development and still useful for making Operating System.
  • It always allows you to direct control over the low level aspect of computer software.
  • Many legendary program are written in C language.
  • Many syntax and logic applicable for C is also applicable for other advance programming language
  • Program created with C run very quickly in the system.
  • C is really simple to learn and practically does not require any dependencies, you can run C in a simple PC with compiler.

As a beginner programmer you need to know all the terms and the syntax of programming languages which is difficult if you directly jump into other programming language like Java. Learning C always helps you in upgrading your programming knowledge.

The upgraded version of C is C++, which is object oriented and is more technical and modern. Learning C++ also helps in building career, you can make a typical OS using C++. Many softwares are still using these programming language just by seeing its ultra-primitive advantage. Above all this it has the great community around the world. Many people and site are there to provide support and help when required. 

Career opportunity In C Programming

Just because of you know C programming there may be less job opportunities in IT companies in the world to offer you a job. But, C programming is the base for all the programming language out there. After get to know C programming and be practically perfect, you can jump to other language like Java, Python, PHP, JavaScript, and many more.

Don’t worry, if you get master in C programming then the industry will welcome you by paying high salary and quickly make you perfect in the programming language of their choice.

Teaching Methodology

  • Focus on fundamental of Programming with C Programming.
  • Handful of assignments, tutorials and lab test of each chapter.
  • Periodic feedback from Trainer and Trainee and do the required changes as per necessity.
  • Each trainee need to develop demo application on their own, taking assistance form trainer when ever required.


  •    Good command in english language
  •    Basic knowledge of Computer, Softwares, Programming would be a plus.
  •    Understanding of Softwares and Software installation.

Course content

courses | 2 Months

Overview of Computer Software and Programming Languages

  • System software
  • Application software
  • General software features and recent trends
  • Generation of programming languages
  • Categorization of high level language

Problem Solving Using Computer

  • Problem Analysis
  • Algorithm Development & Flowcharting
  • Compilation and Execution
  • Debugging and Testing
  • Program Documentation
  •  Introduction to C Programming
  • Character set, Keywords and data types
  • Preprocessor and directives
  • Constants and Variables
  • Operators and statement

Input and Output

  • Formatted I/O
  • Character I/O
  • Programs Using I/O statement

Control statements

  • Introduction
  • The goto, if, if….else, switch statements
  • The while, do…while, for statements

User-Defined Functions

  • Introduction
  • Function definition and return statement
  • Function prototypes
  • Function invocation, Call by value & Call by reference, Recursive Functions

Arrays and Strings

  • Defining an array
  • One dimensional arrays
  • Multi-dimensional arrays
  • Strings and string manipulation
  • Passing array and string to function


  • Introduction
  • Processing a structure
  • Arrays of Structures
  • Arrays within structures
  • Structures and function


  • Introduction
  • Pointer declaration
  • Pointer arithmetic
  • Pointer and array
  • Passing Pointers to a function
  • Pointers and structures

Data files
  • Defining opening and closing a file
  • Input / Output operations on files
  • Error handling during input/output operations
  • Projects Using C Programming (One will be practiced)

          i. School Management system  

          ii. E-commerce System

          iii. ATM System

          iv. Hotel Management System

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