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Why Node JS is Better Than Other Languages

Why Node JS is Better Than Other Languages

The concept of Node js is quite complex. It’s neither a programming language nor a framework or a library. Node.js has its own category. It is basically a mixture of both. Node.js is defined as a JavaScript runtime built on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine. The design for Node.js development is quite similar to EventMachine and Twisted. Node JS is better than other languages among developers as it has the ability to work in both frontend and backend development environments. Besides, there are plenty of reasons why Node JS is better than other languages. The goal of this blog is to discuss those reasons. Keep reading and find out why Node js is better than other languages.

What is Node JS?

Node.js is an open-source runtime environment to run web applications built on Chrome's V8 JavaScript engine. Node.js is used to create server-side web applications. Its asynchronous and event-driven model makes it lightweight and efficient, ultimately encouraging developers to choose Node JS over other programming languages. Node JS is perfect for data-intensive applications as it uses JavaScript on both the front end and back end during the application development. The Node.js runtime environment is single-threaded in nature and has an event-driven architecture and simple I/O model.

Benefits of Node JS?

Besides being lightweight and efficient, Node JS is popular among the masses because of its huge, active, and open-source JavaScript-based ecosystem. Below are listed the benefits of Node JS and the reasons why developers find it better than other languages.

Easy to Learn

Node JS is easy to learn which makes it best when it comes to learning a new programming language for beginners. One who knows Object-oriented programming basics and is familiar with JavaScript can easily code in Node.js. You can take interactive courses and tutorials online to learn Node Js in Nepal. There are plenty of IT institutes where you can take up the Node JS course in Nepal. TechAxis could be the best IT academy in Nepal to provide you with the best Node JS training course in Nepal. You will have a really pleasant experience while learning Nod JS with TechAxis.


Its simplicity is another reason why developers find Node JS better than other languages. Installing Nord js is just a couple of clicks away and it is easy to use. Only a few terminal programs are needed and command standards are used to create open-source projects. Node.js allows you to uphold a uniform base of code with less number of alien elements. It helps you maintain the overall development costs.


Node.js is a strong contender when it comes to balancing performance and scaling. Load balancing is the key factor that increases its scalability. Another factor is its capability to handle a huge number of concurrent connections. It provides you with a tremendous number of user accesses at the same time which eliminates the need of creating novel threads for each user and brings everything to one thread. E-commerce websites and applications are a perfect choice.


Among the benefits of Node js, its availability comes on the front. The overall cost of getting the platform is way cheaper than other programming languages. You don’t need to pay money to install Node.js as it is open-source and completely free. Nord js could be the perfect choice for a company that is new to app development.


Nord JS has a big active community which means you will be getting a lot of support and feedback. You can join the Node.js community through social media platforms and discuss the problems that others are facing as similar to yours and find solutions for them. It helps you avoid reinventing a bicycle. You can get numerous libraries and reusable templates from the community and incorporate them into your code to have more value with less effort and time.

What Makes Node JS so Popular?

Everyone nowadays is aware of the popularity that Node.js and it’s becoming more famous with every passing day. There are a lot of things that make Nord JS so popular. Some of the major ones are listed below.

V8 Engine

Node.js is a new version of Google’s V8 JavaScript engine which includes a set of powerful libraries along with a powerful virtual machine. It provides you with authentic solutions through a core library written in JavaScript. The functionality work in the non-blocking, event-driven I/O paradigm with Node.js.

Single Coding Language

Another advantage of Nord JS is that you don’t necessarily need the knowledge of multiple coding languages. Users only have to use Javascript coding language across the board in Node.js. All developers with a fine knowledge of JavaScript can easily make the transition toward Node.js.

Cross-Platform Usability

Another point that makes Node JS better than other languages is that you can use it across almost all operating systems and platforms. It can be used to create applications that work on Linus, Unix, Windows, Mac OS, and more. You can also integrate the application into mobile phones and other smartphones.

Quicker Development

Node.js provides you with quick operations to speed up the pace of application development across the board. As developers usually work on a timeline, Node js can help them meet the timelines. Add to the fact that the Node.js servers can work on multiple requests simultaneously which makes it faster.

The Node Package Manager

Nodejs provides you with (Node Package Manager) NPM modules that are quite similar to that of Ruby Gems. It consists of a set of publicly available and reusable components with dependency management. You can find the full list of packaged modules on the NPM website https // The module ecosystem is open to all, - anyone can publish or download their module on the NPM repository.

Analyzing Node Js Vs Other Programming Languages

To analyze how Node JS is better than other languages, we must compare it with other programming languages. There are plenty of languages to choose from, and each one plays its own role to make something different for your project. Let’s compare Node js with two major programming languages - Python and JAVA.

Node Js Vs Python

Node JS is simply a JavaScript runtime environment rather than a programming language. Python, meanwhile, is a tried and tested programming language that provides you with robust features. Node.js has stiff competition with Python when it comes to interpreting programming languages. Python could be the perfect fit for intensive CPU applications while Node.js is less popular in that field. However, Node JS is a better fit for single-page applications and real-time applications. Node.js gives developers significant prowess in managing data and running heavy I/O data. With this, we can conclude that Node JS is better than Python when it comes to conducting heavy operations.

Node.js Vs JAVA

Node js is compatible to create web applications, mobile apps, online gaming apps, e-commerce software, and real-time applications such as instant messaging and live chat. Working with microservice architecture also becomes easy with Node.js. If you don’t know Node.js was used to create many popular mobile applications such as Netflix and Uber.

Meanwhile, is usually used to build CPU-intensive or CPU-bound applications and other programs with a large codebase. It uses tightly typed sources which makes refactoring and bug fixing easier during maintenance. Java could be a better option for applications that employ an RDBMS (Relational Database Management System). At last, the choice is yours. Choosing a platform to create an application really depends on the need of that application.

Wrapping Up

The bottom line is that Node.js is a strong platform for web development. It is a perfect choice when it comes to working with many connections. You may now have a clear vision of why Node JS is better than other languages. Node.js has been proven to be an effective one-stop solution among developers. A skilled and experienced Node.js team can take most of the advantages from the powerful features of Node JS technology and accomplish ambitious projects. Once again, if you are interested in learning Node.js and becoming an excellent app developer then you can connect with TechAxis and start your Node JS training in Nepal now. TechAxis is best at providing IT courses in Nepal.

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