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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Learn ReactJS in Nepal?

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Learn ReactJS in Nepal?

The process of building an application has two parts - front-end development and back-end development. The front-end is an interface where users interact while the back-end is where we store the data and user credentials. The front-end features buttons, forms, and other clickable materials on which the application responds when a user act on them. ReactJS is basically all about building interactive interfaces for web and mobile applications.

ReactJS has gained huge popularity for application development and with every passing year, the demand for React.js development is rapidly increasing. With the increasing demand, more and more people nowadays are choosing to learn ReactJS in Nepal. But what exactly is React.js and how it is beneficial to get a successful career? Let’s find out.

What is ReactJS?

ReactJS, also known only as React, is a declarative open-source JavaScript framework that is used to build flexible and interactive user interfaces (UI) at ease. Its comprehensive extension collection and tools, such as Flux and React Native, make UI designing pretty easy.

React.js is a JavaScript library rather than a language, and it is widely used in web and app development. You may wonder what a JavaScript library is. Well, JavaScript is a programming language that is widely popular among website and app developers. JavaScript libraries such as React allow you to manually code elements as they contain pre-written code that you can use to implement common JavaScript functions.

Top 5 Reasons to Learn ReactJS in Nepal

Learning a new IT course in Nepal doesn't need to be different. Like most IT courses in Nepal, learning React.js becomes pretty easy when you learn it gradually. First, learn A, then attempt to learn B after which you will start finding C easier. However, before starting with a ReactJS course in Nepal, you must first understand its benefits as it encourages you to stay motivated as you learn ReactJS in Nepal. Below are listed the top 5 reasons to learn React.js in Nepal.

Learning ReactJS is Simple

Learning a web framework or library is difficult, especially for those who are new to web development. Huge frameworks such as Angular are makes it very difficult for you to learn - because of their complex concepts. ReactJS, meanwhile, is very easy to learn as compared to other JavaScript frameworks. Enterprises are shifting to React library because of its simplicity, modular infrastructure, and ease of use. Ease of learning is one of the major reasons why people choose to learn ReactJS in Nepal. As technology is being difficult today, enterprises prefer technologies which are easy to learn for the development team so that they could finish the project in time.

Easy to Use

ReactJS has made it easy to develop applications with no need of big lines of codes. A user only have to write small codes, which are called components, and combines them to form another component to use in the development of the application. We can say that an app made with ReactJS is a tree of components. You may find React to be pretty difficult at the beginning but believe us, with times, it will become very easy to use. Unlike many other frameworks, it's not necessary to have a knowledge of an additional language to use ReactJS - HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are enough.

High-Paying Jobs

Of course, salary is an important factor you should consider before starting with a React course in Nepal. Among hundreds of high-in-demand professionals, React developers in Nepal comes somewhere at the top. ReactJS developer salaries are considered one of the highest. According to LinkedIn and Glassdoor, React developers have the best pay scale. The average monthly salary of a React.js developer in Nepal is estimated to be NPR 60 thousand, with entre-level professionals earning NPR 30,000 and React experts earning up to 1,00,000. Looking at the figure, it is clear that it is worth learning ReactJS in Nepal. 

Large Active ReactJS Community

ReactJS has a very wide community worldwide where one can get whenever they are stuck on a problem or want a suggestion. It has a better and more responsive community as compared to other JS framework communities. The reactJS community is large and full of dedicated developers who help maintaining and growing the open-source library. Each one of them is able to contribute their own components to the library. Some popular ReactJS communities include:

  • DEV’s React Community
  • Reddit’s React Community
  • GitHub
  • React flux Chat

Start learning React.js in Nepal and join ReactJS communities, in case you may need help.

Better Performing Applications

One of the major reasons to choose ReactJS is that we can extract better-performing applications with it. The prime cause React applications to perform well is the Virtual DOM present in it. The virtual DOM is a copy of the original DOM which allows you to know what is happening behind the scenes. Because of the virtual DOM, instead of re-rendering the original DOM, React first renders the virtual one, providing an upper hand on other frontend frameworks. If you really want to create quality applications that perform well, you must consider learning ReactJS in Nepal. After all, well-performing applications are what matters in the end.


ReactJs is a go-to choice among front-end developers to build exciting interfaces for web and mobile applications. No matter whether you are looking to upskill your front-end knowledge or want to improve your digital offering, if you learn ReactJS in Nepal, it will always be beneficial for you. Don’t know where to learn React in Nepal? Well, we recommend you to take your ReactJS training in Nepal at TechAxis as we provide you with the best React course in Nepal. Established in 2017, TechAxis has helped hundreds of enthusiastic to start a successful React.js career in Nepal.

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