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Is Python Developer a Good Career?

Is Python Developer a Good Career?

Securing a career with a high salary has become the primary choice among the masses. But which career people are now shifting to? Well, with the advancement of technology, many people now consider a career in Information Technology to be good. In the IT field itself, there are plenty of career options to choose from. Python development is one of the best IT career choices that’s being popular worldwide and there are various reasons behind it.

The demand for Python developers is such huge that people never worry about not finding a job. On the contrary, organizations find it a daunting task to find Python developers. This clearly shows that Python developer is a promising career to choose in tech. Let's dig deeper and find out is python developer really a good career and if yes, how it comes to become the best career choice in Nepal.

What is a Python Developer?

Python is a programming language that is easy to learn and simple to use as compared to other programming languages such as Java and C++. Its simple-to-read syntax and friendly compilation features make Python faster in development and execution. For instance, the 6 to 7 lines of code a developer writes in Java or C++ can be easily converted into 2 to 3 lines in Python, ultimately reducing the code complexity. Python consists of a range of libraries that support data analysis, data manipulation and data visualization. Python is widely used in web development, machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, scientific computing, and academic research in a range of industries such as education, healthcare, and finance.

Who is a Python Developer?

A Python Developer is an IT professional responsible for the coding, designing, deploying, and debugging development projects. They typically work on the server-side (back end) and help organizations to improve the technological framework. Python Developers create applications, build websites, design the framework for your code, integrate systems, publish new services and build tools as per the need. Python Developers can either work as independent contractors or exclusively work for a company. A Python Developer often works in collaboration with data analytics to provide valuable insight.

How Python is a Good Career?

Python provides developers with a range of benefits which makes it clear why it is powering the global job market. According to JDNet, Python comes in the list of the top three programming languages in the world. Another source PYPL Index, Python is the most popular programming language worldwide which gives you opportunities to work in a different country with a much higher pay scale. There is no doubt that Python is a good career choice, and below are listed how it is the best career choice.

Easy to Learn

Most of the time, you have to struggle a lot to achieve a successful career. But that’s not the case with Python. As the Python programming language is very easy to learn, you can expect to have a good career in less time, regardless of your age and experience level. Because Python is so simple to read and write in, developers often put it as the second or third language to add to the resume. If you are from those who don’t want to get stuck between complex coding, then Python developer is definitely a good career for you.

Less Complexity

Python is not only easy to learn but it is also fun to use. Unlike most programming languages, its syntax reads like English which makes it less stressful to use. Anyone who has a sense of humour can develop code in it. Python handles complexity nicely which allows you to focus on learning other stuff with no hassles of minute details. The good thing is that it’s totally free and open-sourced.


Python on its own is a powerful language, but it also always gives you room for improvement. Python is highly extensible which means you can extend it to other programming languages and add code writing on C#, C, C++, Java, and more, within your Python codebase and make it more functional. Its quality to blend with other software is one of the best benefits of Python.

Python Libraries

When it comes to adding functionality, there is no better option than choosing a career as a Python developer. Python has a large amount of libraries that you can incorporate into the code. A library is basically a reusable code that you can use for common functions such as database administration, regular expressions, manipulating images, and performing equations. Libraries provide you with the best way to reduce code errors and make software smaller and more efficient.


There are more than 125,000 third-party libraries in Python and thanks to them you can use Python for web processing, machine learning, and even biology. There are many data-focused libraries available in Python - pandas, NumPy, and matplotlib - which makes it much more capable of processing, manipulating, and visualizing data. Being accommodating, Python is often called the “Swiss Army Knife” of programming languages.

Earning Potential

According to Indeed, Python is the second-highest-paid programming language worldwide. For instance, the average salary of a Python developer in the United States is $110,026 per year. Meanwhile, a skilled and experienced Python developer in Nepal can expect at least NPR 60 thousand. As the demand for Python developers in Nepal is so high that even an entry-level one can get an offer letter with a high pay scale.

Used in Diverse Industries

Thanks to its flexibility, Python can be used as a universal programing language. One can start a good career as a Python Developer in diverse industries with a wide variety of duties. The followings are only some of the Python developer jobs you can apply for, no matter if it’s the education sector or the medical sector.

  • Data Scientist
  • Data Analyst
  • Software Engineer
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Web Developer

Python Community

Another thing what makes Python developer a good career choice is that it has a vast active community of developers and software engineers who support Python developers worldwide. Most newbies rely on community support when it comes to adding functionality and finding flaws in new versions. The Python community creates libraries and plugins which you can use in your future projects.

Why Not Learn Python Online?

If you choose to learn Python online, you may find it very difficult to grasp things, and there will also be no one to guide you. In that case, the best way to learn Python is to take a Python training course in Nepal. Python course teaches you the essential concepts of Python programming, along with in-depth knowledge in data analytics, data visualization, machine learning, and web scraping. The Python program in Nepal is an ideal choice for all working professionals. Taking live Python classes in Nepal not only prepares you for a good career in Python but also awards you with a spiffy certificate of accomplishment.

Wrapping Up

Looking at the high demand and substantial salary, being a Python developer should definitely be a good career choice a substantial salary. Python ranks as the third most popular language on the TIOBE index. Many big companies including Google and Netflix are utilizing the Python programming language. This means you can expect that the demand for Python developers is not going down anytime sooner.

A career as a Python developer provides you with a good paycheck even if you are a beginner. If you are looking forward to learn Python in Nepal then there is no better time than this. But where to join a Python course in Nepal? Well, you can choose TechAxis for the best Python training in Nepal. Established in 2017, TechAxis is considered one of the best IT academy in Nepal. We have since successfully helped hundreds of students learn Python and make a good career in it.

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