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Why Front-End is the next best career option for IT students

Front-End is the face of a business and it is completely intended to make the best user experience when someone lands on the website/app. So, let's figure out some reason to answer why front-end is the next best career option for IT students

Introduction to the topic

Let me ask something. Do you consider yourself engaging in a poorly designed website for more than 1 minute? 

I think I know your answer, but let me dig deep into how important the front-end is when it comes to expecting the best result from a website or application. 

A beautifully designed system is more capable of generating more traffic, leads, and eventually sales and also a part of Digital Marketing. Where a weak and buzzy design is a frustrating issue for website owners because it is not capable of generating more performance. 

Let’s look back into the early years of the last decades of internet usage. Back then, few companies started selling through the internet, few were branding on the internet, few were sharing information on the internet and few were into internet marketing. The most interesting fact is that the website owner was considered powerful because of no competition at all on the internet. 

The scenario is completely opposite these days. If your product, design, and the way you portray your company on the internet are not compelling enough, you are going to lose all your customers. Why? Because someone is selling the same product/service from a beautifully designed webpage.

So, because of high competition and the same potential customer audience you need to design a very good outlook to drive more sales and grow business value. 

The introduction has almost defined why the front-end is important but let's look at a few reasons why you should learn Front-End Development to maximize your career growth as an IT professional. 

  1. Customer Satisfaction is important
  2. High demand
  3. Better Salary
  4. Creativity
  5. Emerging Field
  6. More Career Option

 Customer Satisfaction is important

Customer Satisfaction is way more important than product selling. For a website to be capable of converting no one to a high-value customer is highly proportional to the design, layout, easy navigation, and how transparent it is about their product or service. 

A marketing nerd says “If you don’t treat your customer well, you are gone from the market”. 

And if businesses use the internet to make customers, they first need to treat their customers the way customers expect them to. 

And for someone to sell their skills, there has to be a problem associated directly with the skillset and the problem can be solved using the same skill. In this case, customer satisfaction, user experience, user interface, design, transparency are problems that can only be solved by the Front-End Developers. This creates opportunities, better career growth, and more income for designers. Web design Training helps you become one of those problem solvers to be able to grow your career faster, and effectively. 

High Demand

With the numbers of web owners increasing, and they wanted to develop the best design for their internet business, demand for designers has to be increased. People owning online businesses have realized the importance of design, features on the website, and customer satisfaction. 

This allows developers to get more jobs in UI development. Back in 2014-15, A web design company used to have at most two front-end developers. But now, they are hiring at least 2 front-end developers to work for a single website to maximize the user experience and generate more sales. 

Better Salary

Front-End Developers are getting paid well as compared to other fields of web development. This is because it’s them who are responsible for designing web pages that users love. And if users love the same web page then the revenue increases for the business owner and happy to pay more to designers. 

Also, front-end developer’s analysis of users helps them design the best layout. Designers get paid for how they take the user requirement and optimize the design that gives the best value. This analysis and design allow designers to get paid more.


If you are creative enough to represent the business in its best form through your design, then front-end development is your cup of tea. So, creative people love front-end design. 

But, by working on the front-end for a long time, you will develop this unique skill “Creativity”. Customized website designing skills can be developed with this career.

Emerging Field

Front-End Development is one of the most emerging fields in Information Technology. Designing a web page that a user loves has never been so important. And it will continue to evolve as one of the main careers. You will always have new opportunities. New technology is evolving and you will have reason to interact with them to be updated about what technology is evolving. 

More Career Option

As a front-end developer, you will have various positions to hunt for. Also, you will have more opportunities in the Future like becoming the head of design, client relation expert, and many more.

Besides this, as we specified there is more demand for front-end developers, you can work as a freelancer in the different freelancing websites like Fiverr, freelancer, Upwork and many more. This allows you to work with international clients to get more value from your work than local clients. 

Also, client-user relation is challenging in business, and as a front-end developer, you can understand what users are looking for and get promoted for your analysis and research over the relation between them.


Users are the most valuable asset for business these days. Online visibility is one of the strongest ways to generate more customers and more users talking about business. One of the best ways to get more sales online is the beautiful design of the website. Front-End Developers are in high demand because of this.

A quick tool to develop the front-end is React JS. React JS Training helps you to develop an amazing user interface and beautiful design. Also, React JS allows developers to develop such web pages which are familiar from all aspect on internet like SEO, load speed, and quick development of web pages

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