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Why Every IT Students Professionals Should Learn JavaScript

Why Every IT Students Professionals Should Learn JavaScript

Why Every IT Professional Should Know About JavaScript

JavaScript is the most trending, widely used, and amazing set of scripting languages. JavaScript is the most important, and essential programming language to use in all areas of Software Development. 

Javascript dominates web development, mobile app development, and computer software development because of its wide features and interactive design. Developers can still develop software applications without JavaScript but to make it interactive and well understandable, javascript is a must.

Feature of JavaScript

To illustrate why everyone should learn javascript, let's list out some features of javascript, its framework, and library.

  1. Object-Oriented Scripting Approach
  2. Client Edge Technology
    The Client means the user accessing the web. And Javascript allows developers to create an engaging web page. 
  3. Statement Looping
  4. Arrow Function
    This function allows developers to write fewer lines of code to decrease the size of web pages with maximum productivity.
  5. Template Literal
    This allows developers to save variables directly to the strings. Template Literal allows developers to focus on software app development rather than data type handling and syntax build-up. 
  6. Let Const
    ‘Let’ and ‘const’ replaces the “VAR” to simplify the application development process
  7. Ability to perform inbuilt Function
    JavaScript has lots of in-built functions. For Eg: the isNAN() Function validates whether the input format of numbers is correct. 

With many frameworks and libraries available to learn, you can make a good career in JavaScript. TechAxis offers JavaScript Training on various frameworks and libraries. Best of them include React JS Training, Node JS Training, and Mean Stack Training. For Mobile App Development React Native can be used.  The listed features make javascript stand out from other programming languages. 

These features are not enough to make everyone learn javascript. Does it? 

So, let's point out some other advantages and usage of javascript.


Javascript can be used to develop applications that are supported by all Operating Systems. Once a developer develops an application for one platform, he/she can develop a system for another OS too. So, a javascript developer can design and develop an interactive user experience to maximize the performance of an application across all platforms. 

Well Paid Salary Scale

Javascript Developers are paid well. Whether you are working in an organization, as a freelancer, or in any form of role as a javascript engineer. Javascript developers have a variety of roles to choose from and each of them has a good salary scale. The features that users love, responsive designs, and interactive UX development by javascript developers are unique and also the reason behind getting a better paycheque.

Companies Hiring Policy

IT companies and any other companies that work on Information Technology and application development/handling are looking for javascript developers. A JavaScript Developer is versatile and can work in any domain. He/she can look after front-end development, backend development, mobile app, desktop app. If you are available to work on all of them, then you might be the best preference of companies looking for IT professionals.

Also, companies have started to add preferably to someone skilled in JavaScript on their Job Description in almost all domains. This is the reason why you should learn javascript. 

Interactive application development.

No other programming language can engage users in a specific web page, and mobile app better than javascript. Also, it's great to make amazing UX. Without javascript, an interactive, easy, and simple web application is impossible to design and develop. 


Now, let's move into the part where we are going to list out what javascript is capable of and what it can do. Also, let's dig down to the minor part which might inspire you to learn javascript. 

Major FrameWork  of JavaScript like Node & Angular can be used in the back-end and front-end of the system. Also, ReactJS can be used in front end development. 

  • JavaScript can be used to design and develop Games
  • JavaScript Can even be used in Robotics and AI
  • To Design Server Application
  • Client-Side Validation
  • Animation of Element
  • To Display Pop-ups and dialogue box


Some amazing uses of Javascript to build amazing web applications, & mobile applications are given in the list below.

  1. Show/Hide Application With a Button, No need to reload the whole page.
  2. Special Hover Effect 
  3. Slide through image, video, and file preview.
  4. Timing Effect in Website.
  5. Special Animation

To Conclude

JavaScript is the most versatile programming language. The scripting language can be used everywhere to design and develop amazing user experience, user interface, and interactive web, app pages. Skilled professionals can work in any domain in the IT industry. So, If you are interested to work in the IT industry, JavaScript is a must-have skill. We have discussed many reasons why each IT student/professional should understand and know JavaScript.


If you are looking for JavaScript Training, and Other IT courses, Feel free to drop a message. We will be happy to assist you to achieve your dream skill with a dream job in a reputed IT company. 

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