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Unique Features of Python that made it Famous

Unique Features of Python that made it Famous

Python is a high-level programming language with many features and more straightforward conventional syntax making it more accessible, feasible, and usable even for non-programmers. An open-source programming language allows users to use its library function, allowing programmers to focus on solutions, not coding. Some of the best features of python that made it famous are listed here to stand out from other programming languages.

Open Source Programming Language

This is an open-source Programming language, and anyone can contribute to its development. Python programming is free to use regardless of the operating system, whether it's windows, Mac, or Linux. Anyone can download its code from Python library and online forum, change it, use it in various systems and distribute it. Unlike other programming languages, programmers don’t have to write each line of code, make their library for specific system development. You can copy and paste codes from its library to develop your system.

Accessible to Learn & Code

By emphasizing natural language, it made the coding and understanding of code easier for programmers. Due to its more straightforward syntax than other programming languages like Java & C, a programmer can learn basic Python within 3-4 hours. But to master python, one must take a professional Python Training course in an institute who has a tutor already working in a software company like TechAxis does. It has a syntax very similar to natural language. Assigning an integer value 36 to a variable is much easier. You write x=36. You can even write some of the python code in C++. Let’s say if you want to print “Hello World”, you write print(“Hello World”) which makes it shorter and understandable.

Cross-Platform Language

Developing different codes for different operating systems is a must in other programming languages. But, a python programmer can run a code in MAC that is written in windows or Linux. A quicker aspect of Python programming that completely ignores extra work hours to run on other platforms is one of its significant advantages.

Support GUI

A feature of Python Programming that allows this programming language to be unique is that it supports a Graphic user Interface. The ability to add flair to its code and making it more visual is its great strength. Software/Systems developed using Python is supposed to have unique and outstanding user interfaces, allowing system owners to collect excellent user experience from the people using them. Various Toolkits such as Tkinter, wxPython, and JPython will enable developers to develop GUI faster.


Programmers with knowledge of Python can work in many fields and have career opportunities in different sector. System Developers can use it in Machine Learning, Web development, data analysis, and software development. This minimizes the efforts coders have to learn a new programming language every time

they try to build up a new system. Cloud computing in different technologies, data science, and AI helped Python skyrocket its success.


Python runs its code line by line, whereas other programming languages like C++ and Java first compile the code and then run it at once. Source Code of Python is converted into a form called >bytecode. Programmers don’t have to worry about compiling the code before running it. These Python features made it slightly slower, but in comparison to the advantages, people can ignore these drawbacks completely.

Object-Oriented Programming

Object-Oriented Programming is those programming languages that can model real-world objects. Procedure Oriented Programming languages revolve around the functions, and its code can be reused.

Python supports both object-oriented and procedure-oriented programming. Python supports multiple inheritances, whereas Java doesn’t help it.


These features help python programming stand out from other languages as a unique yet one of the best platforms to code. Google, used Python since its developing days in 2006 and have helped Python to achieve what it is today. These are not only Python programming's features but also advantages of Python that enabled it to reach out to more programmers.

As it's a high-level programming language, programmers don’t need to worry about System Architecture and memory management. Built-in data structures, the facility of using its library, and shorter syntax made it lovable by programmers. And eventually got famous.



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