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How To Learn ReactJS: A Complete Guide For Beginners

How To Learn ReactJS: A Complete Guide For Beginners

How To Learn ReactJS: A Complete Guide For Beginners

ReactJS is the most popular JavaScript-based library for building user interfaces. As ReactJS is widely popular for its features, i.e., high performance and safety, most website owners and developers are now embracing web technology and frameworks built on React. The demand for ReactJS developers is in constant flux in the global job market. If you are familiar with WordPress, you know the Gutenberg Post Editor Plugin, and that is one of the examples designed in ReactJS.

Do you want to learn ReactJS from scratch to advance? We'll provide a complete guide for beginners through this article. Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate learner, we'll clarify your concept regarding ReactJS. Let's get started


What is ReactJS?

React was first introduced by a Facebook software engineer named Jordan Walker. It was first deployed on Facebook's newsfeed and Instagram in 2012.ReactJS is a popular open-source front-end JavaScript-based library used for building interfaces. React is a declarative, efficient, and flexible JavaScript library with a strong online community to help you out. React is responsible for changing each state in an application or website and will efficiently update the data as per its change in quality, quantity, and so on. One of the best components of React is that developers are allowed to break down complex code into individual pieces and later organize them in a good manner. 

Before diving into the in-depth aspects of ReactJS, we assume that you have knowledge and skill of the following prerequisites :

  • Practical basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Basic knowledge regarding the use of npm.
  • Understanding of ESC6.

What is ReactJS used for?

React enables developers to create large web applications without the reload of the page where you are. The main features that drive ReactJS as one of the best JavaScript libraries are simple, scalable, and fast. ReactJS is analogous to the MVC template.

MVC: Model View Controller, popular as MVC, is a software architectural pattern commonly used for designing and developing UI (User Interfaces). It helps to divide the related program logic into three interconnected elements, i.e., Model, View, and Control. The use and benefits of react js are given below: 

Creation of Dynamic web applications

Earlier, creating a dynamic webpage required specific HTML strings and a lot of complex coding but Reacted js used JSX (JavaScript XML). It contains particular syntax and lets HTML tags and quotes render particular subcomponents. Additionally, it supports machine-readable code and combines components to an individual variable file. 

Helps to build rich user interfaces

Nowadays, the quality of User Interface (UI) for web applications plays a very important role. One of the determinant factors for a web application to succeed is the high-quality design of the UI. If the UI is highly designed, there is a high chance of user retention in the web application. React js allows the developer to develop the web application using declarative components.  

Dedicated tools for easy debugging

Social media giant Facebook has released a Chrome extension that developers can use to debug React applications, which helps to make the processing of debugger React applications easier and faster. 

For the fast rendering of the Application

When building a complex high-load web application, defining its structure at the beginning is mandatory because it highly impacts the Application's performance. As Facebook has introduced the virtual DOM feature, the virtual representation is the tree-structure model that allows testing all changes first to calculate risk with each modification. It is the modern approach to maintaining a high web application performance guarantee and good user experience.

Example of ReactJS

Suppose you're using Facebook; on a newsfeed, you've seen your friend post an image. You liked the image, entered the comment section to comment, and started viewing others' comments. While browsing the comment section, you've found that the digit of like and reaction is increased without reloading the page. That magical change is the result of ReactJS.


Why is React such a good start for beginner developers?

After a quick introduction, main features, and examples, let's try to answer why react is such a good start for beginner react js developers. In 2022, React, Veu.js, and Angular UI frameworks will be the first choice for front-end development. React js is very popular, easy to learn, and more focused than other JavaScript frameworks, so a beginner or new developer can learn quickly. As many companies are forwarding towards React Library due to its simplicity, the ReactJS developer is highly in demand.


Scope in React.js as a fresher

One of the important elements of successful web applications is their User Interface (UI) design. React js developers are responsible for designing the user interface. With the constant increase in the number of web applications in Nepal, the scope of React.js developers is gradually increasing. In the context of Nepal, React.js as a fresher is a good initiation. Whether you can join as a developer affiliating with a company for an internship or can do freelancing work, both are going to be worth it. 

Here is the list of Tech Giants companies using react js for the front-end development:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter 
  • Netflix
  • Yahoo
  • Dropbox
  • The New York Times

React JS Certification Course

A fully-fledged React js certification training course will train you to develop effective React applications by mastering the JavaScript framework. In this course, you'll go from the grassroots level to an in-depth concept of the fundamentals of JavaScript JSX, Redux, and Asynchronous programming using Redux-saga middleware. 
Are you seeking an educational institute to start to react js training in Nepal? Tech Axis is a pioneering tech educational institute providing react js courses in Nepal. Our learn-by-building methodology of teaching will make you skillful in the field. The shortlisted deserving candidates (students) will get the opportunity for an internship after completing the course.

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