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How to become a Quality Assurance Engineer in Nepal

How to become a Quality Assurance Engineer in Nepal

How to become a Quality Assurance Engineer in Nepal

Quality Assurance Engineers are the professionals who test software products, find bugs in a product or program before its launch and collaborate with developers to fix the problem. QA Engineers are responsible for ensuring the specifications and technical design in order to deliver a quality and relevant product to costumers. For the quality management and growth of companies, QA Engineers are hired to involve in plan formulating and strategies implementation process.

There is an equal demand for QA Engineers in Nepal as it is in global level. If you are among those who want to become an QA engineer in Nepal, then you are in the right place. This article is an ultimate guide for you to become a Quality Assurance Engineer in Nepal. Let’s get started.

What is Quality Assurance?

Quality Assurance is the approach of ensuring the quality of a product. There are various frameworks to verify the conformity standards such as ISO 9001. Software quality assurance is a systematic procedure operated parallel to the development of software. The main motive of Quality Assurance is to prevent a minor problem at the initial phase. Quality Assurance is effectively executed through a method known as the PDCA cycle (Plan, Do, Check, Act).

  • Plan Organization and company firm should formulate the plan to meet the goals for a certain time duration. In the end, the plan concludes to deliver a high-Quality end product.
  • Do: The process of editing the plan for necessity is known as the “do” changes process.
  • Check: The process of evaluating the predetermined objective in the newly designed project is known as the checking process.
  • Act: The implementation of the required changes in a project after the successful checkup is considered an Act process.

What are the examples of Quality Assurance?

The Quality Assurance system example seems to be most detailed from the perspective of project-based companies (construction, manufacturing or software companies), but it is also highly applicable to other giants quality dependent industries and firms. Below are two major examples where Quality Assurance is used.

  1. System

    The team who falls under Quality Assurance is responsible to test the system to verify the manufacturer’s product specification. It is performed in order to prevent defection and duplication of cost, and effort, and to assure whether the completion of a product is being executed within a given time or not.  

    The process includes failure or stress testing, identifying possible malfunctions, the loading time of the system etc. Another prime example includes statistical analysis, where frequency detection is performed in order to reduce the number of defects. If a website of a company/industry/firm is not addressing potential customers then the technical audit system can detect the problem. At the end of the process, it checks the validity of a system. 

    Quality Assurance increases the industry’s integrity with the customers, which results in better work progress and efficiency.

  2. Manufacturing

    Every product that the industry produces has to meet the rules and protocols mentioned by different international laws. Through Quality Assurance, manufacturing companies verify whether their product is ready-to-go in the market or not. 

    It is very important to produce a quality product for manufacturing companies to build customer loyalty. The process includes planning, checking, inspection and auditing the product to assure the completion of the mandatory requirement.

Scope of Quality Assurance Engineer in Nepal

Due to the revolution of industry 4.0 Quality Assurance engineers are highly in demand. In the context of Nepal, one person with Quality Assurance training can initiate the best career. 

The scope of quality assurance engineers in Nepal is mentioned hereby:

Pharmaceutical Industries:

  • To ensure the quality in every stage of production of medical products.
  • Planning for a new product.
  • Checking the drug stability, means verifying whether the components of a drug are broken down in certain environmental conditions or not.

Software Companies:

  • Understanding the software feature needs to be tested.
  • To understand the basic operation functionality of the software.
  • Learning about the roles and responsibilities of software.

Hospitality Sector:

To ensure the property categories are meeting their criteria or not.

To objectives and measurable standards.

As per the recent technology trends of Nepal, the scope of Quality Assurance engineers is expected to emerge in a high ratio.


Quality Assurance Vs Quality Control: What's the Difference?

Quality Asurance and Quality Control are the two different terms, seems same and interchangeable but it is not true. As both aspect refers to quality management and are tightly linked that sometimes, it is very  hard to identify the differences. However,  Quality Asurance (QA) deals on preventing defect while Quality Control (QC) deals with the identifying the defect just before the launch  of product.

The notable difference between QA and QC are as below:

Quality Assurance

Quality Control

  1. It is the approach of ensuring the quality of a product with the help of a certain keyframe.

  2. The primary responsibility of Quality Assurance is to prevent defects.

  3. It is the methodology of verifying the quality of a product.

  4. It prevents mistakes before the execution of a program.

  5. It is a proactive measure method.

  1. It is the process of making improvements in  the quality of a product.

  2. Quality Control aims to identify and fix defects.

  3. It is the methodology of validating the quality of a product.

  4. It corrects mistakes after the execution of a program.

  5. It is a reactive measure method.


Who can learn software quality assurance?

Software quality assurance training can be taken by people who have a strong interest in IT (Information Technology). Comparatively, software quality assurance has higher scope than other quality assurance. The person who learns software quality assurance is highly demanded in the global job market. The person or professional having the following interest and qualifications can learn software quality assurance courses or training:

  1. The person who has a good technical understanding.

  2. Be able to understand what companies people need.

  3. The person who can communicate concisely. 

  4. The person has the willingness of working in automation or manual software testing companies.

  5. The professional under the following designation are highly recommended for the post:

    • Department Managers
    • Team Supervisors
    • HR Manager
    • Finance Professionals
    • Finance Audit Professionals

Why Quality Assurance Training?

To become a successful Quality Assurance Engineer in Nepal, one has to gain in-depth knowledge and effective practical skill in his/her field. Quality assurance training can equip a person to effectively initiate a career. There are various importance of quality assurance training some of them are mentioned below:

  • It provides you knowledge about quality assurance and standardization. 
  • Opportunity to gain practical working knowledge with different companies.
  • To improve communication skills.
  • To develop teamwork skills.
  • It helps to build the level of quality culture.
  • It also brings a great impact on professional skills.

A career in Quality Assurance is gradually increasing with the revolution of industry 4.0. 

We hope this guide will help you to initiate your career as a Quality Assurance Engineer in Nepal. If you are a beginner and want to take a course for Quality Assurance, then Tech Axis  can help you out. We provide the best QA training in Nepal. Connect with Tech Axis and start your QA journey by joining our QA course in Nepal.

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