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Best Programming Languages for Beginners in 2022

Best Programming Languages for Beginners in 2022

The world is expanding digitally and as every aspect of our lives is going digital, the demand for IT professionals is skyrocketing with every passing day. With the increasing demand for computer experts, learning programming languages has become crucial. As a beginner in programming, make sure you remain steady in both learning and coding. Which programming language should you start with? Well, it can be daunting to choose the best one out of hundreds of programming languages out there.

If you pick a programming language that’s too challenging, you might get discouraged and eventually lose interest in programming. It’s preferable to start with a simple one. Below, we’ve compiled the top 5 programming languages for beginners to learn in 2022.

1. C Programming

While some programming languages are ideal for freshers because of the simplicity and readability of their syntax, some programming languages are more challenging as their syntax is closer to machine code: One of them is C is one of these languages. C is a general-purpose programming language widely used on games, graphics, and enterprise applications.

C programming language forms the foundation for modern programming syntax and learning it will give you skills that you can apply to other languages in the future. As for the applications, C is commonly used for desktop applications, databases and operating systems.


  • Consists of compilers and libraries.
  • Eases accessing blocked or hidden objects.
  • Faster execution of programs.
  • Foundation for more complex programming languages.
  • Used for multi-device, multi-platform app development.
  • It’s a procedure-oriented programming language.
  • Efficient and easy to understand.


  • Complex syntax.
  • Doesn’t support program namespace.
  • Need to manually create the high-level constructs.
  • No dynamic memory allocation.
  • No run-time checking.
  • No strict type checking.
  • Smaller standard library.

2. C++

If you are willing to be a system-level programmer, C++ is the programming language you should learn. Because of its stability and extremely fast performance, this programming language is widely used by competitive programmers. C++ has STL (Standard Template Library) that provides ready-to-use libraries for data structures, algorithms and arithmetic operations. The library support and speed of the language are what make it a popular choice among beginners.


  • Consists of compilers and libraries.
  • Other programming languages, including C, C#, and Java, have a very similar syntax to C++ which makes it easy to learn.
  • It has no garbage collector running in the background.


  • It has complex syntax.
  • I don’t support Dynamic Memory Allocation.
  • The object orientation system in C++ is unnecessarily basic.

3. Python

As a fresher in programming, you can consider gravitating to Python as your first language. It’s a high-level, scripting all-around language for beginners. Rather than jumping into strict syntax rules, Python, which can read English, makes it simple to learn relatively quickly and allows you to build simple projects. It will help you obtain a basic knowledge of coding practices without sweating over smaller details.

FYI, Python was used to build YouTube, Instagram,  and Spotify, which clearly shows how this programming language is in demand. From server-side development to mobile app development, Python is used everywhere. Python has a vast collection of libraries, tools, and frameworks that are a must in Data Science and Machine Learning.


  • It has OOP characteristics which makes it easy to create and use classes and objects.
  • Extensive library support.
  • code readability-focused language.
  • Ability to scale the most complex applications.
  • Ideal for building prototypes and testing out ideas faster.
  • Open-source with ever-growing community support.
  • Support for a multitude of platforms and systems
  • Very easy to learn and use.


  • Not suitable for mobile computing.
  • The database access layer is somewhat immature.
  • Slower by virtue of being an interpreted programming language.
  • Threading isn’t good because of GIL (Global Interpreter Lock).

4. PHP

PHP is a general-purpose programming language excellent for beginners. As PHP is very clear and easy to learn, it has become a popular choice for beginners to start programming. PHP offers a variety of powerful frameworks such as Laravel that makes it easier to work. PHP is compatible with all prominent databases and it has automation tools for deploying and testing applications. This programming language is widely used in backend web development and server-side scripting.


  • Abundance of powerful frameworks.
  • Easy to make web pages.
  • Its Xdebug function allows first-class debugging.
  • Gigantic community support.
  • Offers a large number of automation tools for testing and deploying applications.
  • Supports object-oriented and functional programming paradigms.


  • Developing websites in PHP is slower than in other programming languages.
  • Poor error handling.
  • Less secure.
  • Requires extensions to a greater extent.

As a fresher, you can start your programming journey with any of the programming languages above. And if you want to become a programmer faster, we recommend you to join a programming language course in Nepal. Whether you want to learn C programming or learn C++ programming language or Python or PHP in Nepal, you can connect with Tech Axis. Tech Axis is the best IT training center in Nepal to provide you with the best IT courses in Nepal.

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