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React Native is a cross-platform mobile application development framework. Facebook team has developed this so as to provide better user experience in cross-platform. React Native Training allows us to create a cross-legged mobile application for iOS and Android. We can write a simple javascript code using built-in respond native elements and deploy it on the respective platform. We've seen numerous cross-platform frameworks such as PhoneGap later know as Cordova, Ionic, Xamarin, NativeScript and so forth, but respond native has covered nearly whole cross platform market quite early.

Having a wide range of usability and popularity React Native Training in Nepal is must for all the beginners’ programmer and pro as well, to ensure the good future incoming career. To make a good career in the IT sector professionals need to seek for new technology and programming language and this trending programming is one of the best options for IT students and IT professionals.

Reason why native respond is in demand

  • Cross-platform framework: It enables us to develop application for iOS and Android by composing single code
  • Open source: Though respond native is developed by Facebook group, its open source, so anyone can add to the community. Whether its bug fixing or new feature upgrades.
  • It allows user to write code in JavaScript and it is the language that's worldwide famous. So any developer who's from web background may also write mobile applications by having small bit of native system knowledge.
  • Supports native code: At any point of time when there's absolutely no support or feature upgrade from respond native, we could write native code and call it from respond native application.
  • Performance: It provides almost same performance to native program. Reason for this is it converts JavaScript part to native part so when end user sees anything in the program it's native component rather than the JavaScript.

Advantages Of React Native Training In Nepal 

  • Live reload: React Native framework permits you to create extremely powerful mobile based programs due to the awesome features. The dwell reload feature enables the developers to assess and watch the changes made in the code just by one click. All the developers will need to do is upgrade the code and then click on Live reload and you'll see two windows open consequently. 1 window will show the code and another one will show the cell screen with the impact of this code. This could help the developers to catch problems and bugs instantly and avoid obvious errors.
  • High performance: The architecture of this React Native is constructed upon logic that's extremely mobile friendly. It uses the Graphics Processing Unit(GPU) making its functioning super fast and mobile users don't encounter lagging or slowness with programs built on this platform.
  • Developer friendly: React Native is programmer friendly and doesn't require programmers to learn a new programming language so as to work in this stage. While programming they don't need to render enormous lines of code or UI, they could simply use elements, announce their properties and find the necessary functionality done.


    React Native is a popular framework for developing mobile applications that allows developers to use the same codebase to build applications for both iOS and Android platforms. 

    • React Native is a cross-platform development framework.
    • If you already have experience with React, learning React Native can be relatively straightforward as it builds upon the same principles and components.
    • React Native has a large and active community of developers, which means that there is a wealth of resources and support available to help you learn and develop applications.
    • React Native offers a smooth and fast user experience, making it an ideal choice for building mobile applications.
    • As more and more companies adopt React Native, the demand for developers with React Native skills is increasing. This makes it an excellent skill to have for career advancement.

Course overview

Native React Training in Nepal provides you the knowledge and skills to use the awesome features in order to create an extremely powerful mobile-based program. The most popular mobile application like Facebook, Netflix, Dropbox Instagram, use Native React to develop the mobile application. Having the knowledge about the JavaScript and react helps you to switch your career in mobile app developer.

Why Native React Training with TechAxis?

You’ll get a chance to learn the training from the highly qualified and experienced instructor. We provide the adequate resources required in the training process and also get a chance to meet the community of native react developer which helps you to get inspired and get ideas about the scope in Native React field. You will get offered for the free career council at the end of the session. Different projects work and field visit will be offered to you by the instructor so that you can develop practical knowledge.

Career opportunities for React Native Developer

The individual who has an aspiration to develop a career in the world of mobile applications. The knowledge of developing the native application with the combined knowledge of React and JavaScript makes you impressive and attractive to get hired or build your career in a digital platform. The deeper understanding of the application development helps you to get your career in a more diverse field. After the training, the students can start their career in cross-platform mobile apps development.

Hence, remember TechAxis, for Native React Training and enjoy the benefits offer throughout the world. Contact us to get enrolled via our website, facebook page, email or phone call.

Teaching Methodology

  • Starting with basic static websites to developing real time dynamic websites
  • Handful of assignments, tutorials and lab test of each chapter.
  • Periodic feedback from Trainer and Trainee and do the required changes as per necessity.
  • Each trainee need to develop demo application on their own, taking assistance form trainer when ever required. 


  • Good command in english language
  • Good knowledge of Computer, Softwares
  • Basic knowledge programming especially on JavaScript would be a plus
  • Understanding of Softwares and Software installation. 

Course content

courses | 2 Months

What is React Native?

  • Abstracting React from the DOM
  • Advantages of React Native
  • React Native vs Web Apps
  • React Native vs React web

Getting started

  • Installing React Native
  • iOS setup – XCode
  • Android setup – Android Studio
  • Run an example project in iOS and Android simulators

Core React Native Components

  • Establishing a layout with View
  • Displaying text with Text
  • Accepting user input with TextInput
  • Adding images with Image
  • Making components interactive with TouchableHighlight
  • Displaying data with ListView
  • Changing screens with Navigator
  • Expanding touch capability with GestureResponder and PanResponder


  • Issues with CSS
  • Inline Styles
  • Create Immutable style objects with Stylesheet.create
  • Pass styles as props
  • Positioning components with flexbox

React Native APIs

  • Using fetch to retrieve data
  • Getting a user’s location and handling permissions
  • Accessing stored photos with CameraRoll
  • Adding animations


  • Deploying to Apple App Store
  • Deploying to Android Play Store

Authentication with Firebase

  • A Common Root Component
  • Copying Reusable Components
  • What is Firebase?
  • Firebase Client Setup
  • Login Form Scaffolding
  • Handling User Inputs
  • More on Handling User Inputs
  • How to Create Controlled Components
  • Making Text Inputs From Scratch
  • A Focus on Passing Props
  • Making the Input Pretty
  • Wrapping up Inputs
  • Password Inputs
  • Processing Authentication Credentials

Project Work

  • Developing the project with React Native
  • Review and feedback
  • Deployment

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