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My four-year Engineering Experience


How one completes engineering is little weird. You see, I completed the final semester of my engineering a year ago. Then after six months, I finished 3rd and 5th semester; and then the last month I finally completed my 2nd, 4th and 6th semester. It was like fitting a jigsaw.

I started my engineering as most of the people do - with full determination and enthusiasm! I was aware that these four years would be very important to me. But I had no idea, how crucial they would be in my life. You see, before starting my engineering I was this little kid-boy of my parents, and they would decide every little thing for me - like, what toothpaste should I use? But when I started my engineering, I was suddenly considered as an adult. And I was in a way free to decide my things. They would even consider my opinion in the family matters. I felt independent and free for the first time in my life. And I felt this urge to explore things around me. You know, I had never been in a hostel before. So, naturally, I didn’t know how 2 AM looks like. I had never smoked or taken alcohol. I had never fought. I had never been on a date. Life is big, isn’t it? So, I started to embrace the different dimensions of life, knowingly or unknowingly.

I wanted to be a cool guy. Bunking classes was cool. Out-smarting teachers was cool. I would think being a sincere student or getting good marks was dull. It was at the later end of my engineering that I was concerned about my career. There were dozens of career paths to choose from. But, I had no clue about the right job for me. The kind of job that fits my skills and personality. And in such situations, the friends’ circle becomes the greatest influencer in choosing a career. But the knowledge that circulated inside my friends’ circle was based on the assumptions. Nobody had a practical knowledge of the industry. Most of the career-opinions were either too general or too ambitious, and they were highly fluctuating. Someday, we would say “big-data” is the next big thing, so we should get a job in a company working on the bigdata. The other day, we would believe that further studies would be the better choice. And on top of it, there was this glamorous idea of dropping the college and being an entrepreneur, without knowing neither about the industry nor about the immense effort that it demands. Oh! how we strived for that one revolutionary idea that could change the people’s lives. But with no passion, that was all building castles in the air. So, we ended up confused about what path to choose and what specific skills to hone.

Our work occupies the most significant part of our day. So, choosing a career is as important as choosing a life partner. And here I am – done with my college and not knowing what kind of job I want. As a result, I have applied for jobs of all kinds. I guess I will join the one that I get first. Tomorrow, I have an interview for a DevOps Engineer. I have researched a bit about it, but I have no idea if my skill-set fits the job. All I can do is to hope and wait. Wish me luck, guys! We have all faced it! And that’s why we (TechAxis) exist – so that you don’t get lost in the land of boundless opportunities.

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