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Basic computer knowledge is needed for all types of entry-level job today. It is important to know at least to run day to day operation in a computer using Microsoft any other simple task. Basic computer skill is of essential in both personal and professional life.

Microsoft training is Nepal has designed this Microsoft training package focusing the professionals who are handling day to day office tasks with the use of basic office package software including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. MS Excel lets you learn advance excel with the most advance tutorial which covers depth lessons on how to use various Excel formulas, Table and charts for managing small to large scale business process. MS Word is the most popular word processing software. In this training, participants will be given an overview of the different features of Microsoft Word. Participants will learn to use Microsoft Word to produce professional-looking documents. MS PowerPoint helps participants will get an opportunity to learn how to create a PowerPoint presentation functions covered in the session are how to create a slide, add content (text, graphics, object and picture to start a show.

We offer you on building jobholder’s confidence in Microsoft Office programs. Microsoft Excel training helps to work with calculations, data entry, and data analysis. Microsoft PowerPoint training helps in building slides and presentations for seminars, workshops, meeting and so on. This package is targeted for data analysts, business managers, accounts, research scientists, students and other professionals for enhancing their analytical skill and strategic decision making ability. It also helps to make trainees familiar with advance Microsoft package features that are useful in performing complex business operations and overall management functions.

Microsoft training in Nepal provides advance office package training. If anybody wants to join on the separate course on individual software like Advance MS Word, Advance MS Excel, this is also possible with us. Microsoft training is Nepal has certification paths for many technical job roles. Microsoft certified trainers have completed rigorous training and have met stringent technical certification requirements and the learning partners offer a breadth of solutions to suit your learning needs, empowering you to achieve your training goals.

Microsoft Certified Trainers, can be confident that your skills will be accurate, complete and up to date. It also can take you from the start of your career to its pinnacle. Certification can increase your visibility, differentiate you from peers and validate your skills and knowledge.


    Microsoft Office is a suite of productivity applications widely used in businesses, educational institutions, and personal settings worldwide.

    • Microsoft Office Package training helps individuals to learn how to use the software efficiently, saving time and effort.
    • Proficiency in Microsoft Office is a key skill sought by many employers across industries. Having Microsoft Office skills can open up job opportunities and make individuals more competitive in the job market.
    • Microsoft Office applications provide collaboration tools that enable individuals to work together on projects, share documents, and communicate effectively.
    • Microsoft Excel is a powerful data analysis tool used by businesses to manage and analyze data.

Course overview

Since Microsoft usage is one of the basic requirement for most of the job profiles. It is not just used by individuals but is also very important for organizations and companies as well. Microsoft Training Package in Nepal helps you in operation of day to day activities like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint which are the crucial knowledge required in for students to professionals.

Why Microsoft Training is important?

Microsoft Training in Nepal helps you to build your career in more digital form. If you are fluent with Microsoft programs, you will obviously be an expert in building the chart. For business analysts and financial professionals creating the chart of the organizations or companies is the most crucial part of work in order to support any kind of data and source you need to figure out the information on chart. The benefits doesn’t limit only n chart it has wider scope and the demand is high in market.

Microsoft Training Package in Nepal provides you the certificate after completion of training which describes that the individual is competitive in today’s job market and deserve the handsome benefits along with salary in job. The training also helps employee to be more formal, updated about the latest demand and the technology required in job and be innovative in the field which they work for. It enables the employee to increase their work productivity, credibility with their working environment including clients and colleagues. The certificate directly helps you to get SORT listed in most of the companies as it measures your computer skills and knowledge which are crucial in any company.

Career Opportunities

Microsoft Training package in Nepal takes you to the world of opportunities. Besides making your daily work more effective and efficient Microsoft training package opens up great career prospects for you. The demand and the scope is increasing in wider range so Microsoft Training Package in Nepal is established in order to provide some expert training in Microsoft, you can vouch for challenging leadership and analytical roles with your MS credential. You can demand for the hike for salary and promotion for post with your expertise to fluently use of Microsoft Program towards better business strategy and get succeed on whatever you do.

Hence, these are the benefits you get after receiving the certificate on your hand. So feel free to contact us and enjoy the opportunities after holding the certificate.

Teaching Methodology

  • Handful of assignments, tutorials and lab test of each chapter.
  • Periodic feedback from Trainer and Trainee and do the required changes as per necessity.


  • Good command in english language
  • Basic knowledge of Computer, Softwares
  • Understanding of Softwares and Software installation would be a plus.

Course content

courses | 2 Months

Word: Introduction to Microsoft Word
  • The Microsoft Word interface
  • Creating a new document
  • Saving and opening documents
  • Basic text formatting
  • Printing a document
Word: Advanced Text Formatting and Document Layout

  • Advanced text formatting options
  • Paragraph formatting options
  • Using styles to format documents
  • Working with tables
  • Page layout options

Word: Collaboration and Reviewing Tools

  • Tracking changes
  • Commenting on documents
  • Comparing and merging documents
  • Protecting documents with passwords and permissions

Word: Mail Merge and Templates
  • Creating a mail merge document
  • Using templates to save time
  • Creating custom templates
Excel: Introduction to Microsoft Excel

  • The Microsoft Excel interface
  • Creating a new spreadsheet
  • Saving and opening spreadsheets
  • Basic spreadsheet formatting
  • Basic formulas and functions

Excel: Advanced Formulas and Functions

  • Advanced formulas and functions
  • Data validation
  • Conditional formatting
  • Pivot tables and charts

Excel: Data Analysis Tools

  • Sorting and filtering data
  • Using subtotals and grouping data
  • Creating charts and graphs
  • What-if analysis with scenarios and goal seek

Excel: Macros and VBA

  • Recording and editing macros
  • Introduction to VBA
  • Creating custom functions with VBA

PowerPoint: Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint

  • The Microsoft PowerPoint interface
  • Creating a new presentation
  • Basic slide formatting
  • Adding and formatting text and images

PowerPoint: Advanced Slide Design

  • Slide layouts and themes
  • Advanced text formatting options
  • Working with multimedia
  • Animations and transitions

PowerPoint: Collaboration and Presentation Tools

  • Reviewing and commenting on presentations
  • Using presenter view
  • Presenting online
  • Creating handouts and notes

PowerPoint: Advanced Techniques

  • Creating custom slide shows
  • Advanced animations and transitions
  • Creating interactive presentations
  • Embedding and linking content

Access: Introduction to Microsoft Access

  • The Microsoft Access interface
  • Creating a new database
  • Basic table design and data entry
  • Saving and opening databases

Access: Advanced Database Design

  • Relationships between tables
  • Using forms to enter and view data
  • Creating advanced queries
  • Building custom reports

Access: Automation with Macros

  • Creating and editing macros
  • Using macros to automate tasks
  • Creating custom menus and toolbars

Access: Advanced Techniques

  • Advanced forms design
  • Advanced queries and reporting
  • Creating custom modules with VBA
  • Working with external data sources

Outlook: Introduction to Microsoft Outlook
  • The Microsoft Outlook interface
  • Setting up email accounts
  • Sending and receiving emails
  • Organizing emails
Access: Calendar and Tasks

  • Using the Outlook calendar
  • Creating appointments and meetings
  • Using reminders and recurring events
  • Creating and managing tasks

Access: Collaboration and Sharing

  • Sharing calendars and tasks
  • Working with contacts
  • Creating distribution lists
  • Using public folders

Access: Advanced Techniques

  • Creating custom forms
  • Automating email with rules
  • Using search and advanced find
  • Integrating with other applications

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