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As growing in demand of PHP framework in CodeIgniter which has been first choice of many proficient web developers and programmers, we have come up with the best CodeIgniter training in Nepal. CodeIgniter is object-oriented PHP web application framework which is easy to use, open-source and it also provide a ready-to-use library which can be used with in your own PHP applications. The most attractive and demanding aspect of CodeIgniter is its amazingly faster execution time. No alternative PHP framework will match the speed of CodeIgniter.

CodeIgniter training in Nepal is an open-software rapid development web framework course, which is used in building dynamic Web site with PHP. CodeIgniter is a framework with small footprint which includes the user guide to enable users to use without any difficulty. It consistently outperforms most of its competitors. You don’t need any template language so that it makes you easy to learn and perform in practical world. The training helps you to creatively focus on your projects by reducing the amount of code needed for a given task.

CodeIgniter training helps people to use the user friendly toolkit which has many dramatic features and functions to those who build web application using PHP framework. The main purpose of CodeIgniter training in Nepal is to enable you to develop the projects much faster than in any other framework. It is much faster to develop the project than you could if you were writing code from scratch as it provides rich set of libraries for commonly needed task. Simple interface and logical structure also get access to these libraries with its attractive and amazing features.

CodeIgniter is beneficial to users in numerous ways as it light weight and it is free to use. And challenging features in terms of speed comparing with any other PHP framework. It uses the Model-View-Controller approach and it is thoroughly documented. CodeIgniter generates clean URLs, the URLs generated by CodeIgniter are easy and search engine friendly by using the segment based approach for an example: CodeIgniter packs a punch, which comes with the full- range of libraries that enable the most commonly needed web development tasks, like accessing a database, sending emails, validating from data, maintaining sessions, manipulating images, working with XML-RPC data and many more. It is extensible, you can extent your own libraries, helpers, or through class extensions or system hooks. Hence, CodeIgniter has a friendly community of users.


    CodeIgniter is a popular web application development framework used in Nepal for speed, robust and scalable web site and application development.

    • CodeIgniter is known for its speed and performance, making it a popular choice for web developers who want to build fast and responsive web applications.
    • CodeIgniter has a relatively low learning curve compared to other web development frameworks.
    • CodeIgniter is a lightweight framework, which means that it does not require a lot of system resources.
    • CodeIgniter is a flexible framework that allows to create web applications that meet specific requirements. It has a modular structure, which means that developers can easily add or remove modules depending on the needs of the project.
    • CodeIgniter has a large and active community of developers community in Nepal and around the world.

Course overview

PHP framework CodeIgniter is well-designed and user friendly toolkit. Developing the website or application CodeIgniter is a fastest and effective framework which is on high demand these days. The people with CodeIgniter skills and knowledge are the one which every small to large organization wants to hire. CodeIgniter is easy to install and it is free of cost which is the major attraction for any business owner where they can build a dynamic website or application and meet the requirement of customer in order to gain maximum benefits. As it is the continuous process you can check the error and resolve those entire problem which arise during execution phase which makes your website even more effective. The training helps to handle the bug and dubbing messages which automatically reflects the errors occurring in the application you create.

Career Opportunities

CodeIgniter helps you to develop the skill to create the customized web and application which attracts your customer in business organization which is the major goal of every organization. Any file can be created or edited as per the demand of the users which is all we want in most of the time. It is the great platform for beginner to who wants to customize the existing file as it is CodeIgniter has simplified features. With CodeIgniter you can migrate the required file or update data across the various fields you want it makes the compete process, server to server migration look less effort to migrate. If your company wants to create both front end and rear end application effectively  helps you to make it possible in user friendly manner with the inbuilt libraries and additional features CodeIgniter even helps you to make your personal profile more attractive which results you to be more valuable and demanding profile in this dynamic market. It helps you to gain the new ideas skills if you use actively as new features are updated time to time and even develop the object-oriented programming technique to make your web and application even more efficient. CodeIgniter training in Nepal helps startups use CodeIgniter in order to use the web and application to generate revenue with minimal investment.

Technical Methodology

  • Focus on fundamental of Programming with C Programming.
  • Handful of assignments, tutorials and lab test of each chapter.
  • Periodic feedback from Trainer and Trainee and do the required changes as per necessity.
  • Each trainee need to develop demo application on their own, taking assistance form trainer when ever required.


  • Good command in english language
  • Good knowledge of Computer, Softwares
  • Basic Knowledge of PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript Programming
  • Understanding of Softwares and Software installation.

Course content

courses | 2 Months

Introduction to PHP
  • What is web site/application development
  • Quick re-cap in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP
  • Categorization of high level language
Introduction to CodeIgniter

  • CodeIgniter Installation
  • Understanding CodeIgniter MVC
  • Creating a Controller in CodeIgniter
  • Creating a Model in CodeIgniter
  • Creating a View in CodeIgniter

Advance CodeIgniter

  • CodeIgniter Pagination
  • CodeIgniter Routing
  • CodeIgniter Forms setup
  • CodeIgniter Helpers
  • CodeIgniter Integrated File Upload
  • Image resizing in CodeIgniter
  • Database Configuration
  • Active record in CodeIgniter
  • Mailing List Creation
  • Shopping cart Setup
  • Working with Smarty


  • Development and Deployment of the Demo Project


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